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Trump Statement Agenda 47 - Executive Order Ending Automatic Citizenship for Children of Illegal Ali

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⁣Bidens Border Policies:

• Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed into the US unlawfully, and all of their future children will automatically become US citizens. They will be eligible for:

1. Welfare
2. Tax payer funded health care
3. Right to Vote
4. Chain Migration
5. And countless other benefits that also benefit the illegal alien parents.

On Day 1 in my New Term in Office:

• I will sign a New Executive Order making clear to Federal Agencies, the future children of illegal aliens WILL NOT be granted automatic US citizenship.

— My policy will choke off the incentive of continued illegal immigration.
— Deter illegal migrants from coming.
— Encourage the illegal aliens Joe Biden unlawfully let in our country, to go back to their Home Countries. “They Must Go Back!”

• My EO will end something known as “Birth Tourism”. Where hundreds of thousands of illegals squat in hotels their last few weeks of pregnancy, to illegally obtain US citizenship for their child, to later exploit, jump the line & get green cards for themselves & family members.

“We will secure our borders & we will restore our sovereignty starting on Day One! Our country will be great again. Our country will be a country again. We’ll have a border & we will put America First!”

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