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Whilst people were being murdered on ventilator.
Vixen 23 Views • 10 hours ago
This old clip on the flu vaccine sounds eerily familiar. Funny how some things don't really cha
Vixen 7 Views • 14 hours ago
🤔Can you catch a virus? The rockefeller fairy tale.
Vixen 30 Views • 14 hours ago
8 Minutes ago in China! The Three Gorges Levee broke. Cities and villages in Chongqing are sinking
Vixen 16 Views • 14 hours ago
The Most Powerful Group Behind What You Eat
Vixen 8 Views • 15 hours ago
Girl on TikTok is upset they missed Trump… My blood is boiling… keep calm out there patriots.
Vixen 59 Views • 15 hours ago
I wonder why these billionaires want to escape death so much.
Vixen 44 Views • 1 day ago
New KFC commercial, weird as F**k 🧐
Vixen 156 Views • 1 day ago
This is why they want to take your weapons away from you
Vixen 37 Views • 2 days ago
NATO Pushing for War with Russia Amid Unofficial Peace Talks
Vixen 17 Views • 2 days ago
The Truth Lies in Mysterious Places: Can you see it?
Vixen 56 Views • 2 days ago
💥Gene Ho New Video July 10, 2024
Vixen 82 Views • 3 days ago
The Save Act passes. ONLY US citizens can vote in the elections.
Vixen 22 Views • 3 days ago
⁣OMG Dude has to be a fudging Actor, right? Right!???
Vixen 34 Views • 3 days ago
Biden says he’s following the advice of his “Commander in Chief” (CIC)
Vixen 28 Views • 3 days ago
During an Event today in Washington, D.C. for the Ukraine Compact; U.S. President Biden just Introdu
Vixen 19 Views • 3 days ago
NEW: In a surprise move, Joe Biden names Donald Trump as his Vice Presidential candidate.
Vixen 28 Views • 3 days ago
These replicas are being used everywhere to enhance CGI war scenes and mainstream "terror"
Vixen 14 Views • 3 days ago
Trump’s GOP platform vs Project 2025 part 2
Vixen 18 Views • 3 days ago
Trump’s GOP platform vs Project 2025 part 1
Vixen 22 Views • 3 days ago
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