Policy Enforcer Tells Heart-breaking Story

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:just-a-living: man
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⁣His name is Sergeant Ric Schiff, the father of two twin daughters, Schiff explains to a court room why he feels our Government is hiding the cure for cancer and using radiation and chemotherapy as a money making option to sustain life for a short time, rather than cure the disease and save lives.

One of Schiff's daughters developed a brain tumor at the young age of four. They were told she was going to die, and put her on aggressive chemo and radiation therapy which had a high possibility of killing her, she miraculously survived, but the cancer remained and they were told she didn't have much longer to live. While not being able to accept this they sought out alternative options and that's when they came across Dr. Burzynski and his non toxic, all natural antineoplastons therapy, his daughter was cured of cancer but died, due to deterioration of her brain from the former conventional toxic radiation therapy.

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