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Nasa and their CGI that has drastically improved over the years, they don't even need to waste

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⁣Many people believe that using rockets we are actually able to get to outer space, maybe in CGI, but in reality these rockets are not even able to leave Ionosphere using the fuel as internal combustion is simply not possible. The higher you go up, the less oxygen there is. There is no fuel that can burn without Oxygen.

The Ionosphere is literally the last barrier and its about 50 miles from Earth. This is not space, this is still in the Earths orbit, this is where the Balloon Satellites with helium are hovering, they are not in space.

If they really want explore space, other planets/galaxies, they need to completely reinvent this technology using electro magnetic motors, even if they have this tech already, you can be sure it won't be announced. Using this firecracker technology is simply not going to cut it.

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