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Do the Right Thing 01052024
Do the Right Thing 01052024 Codewarrior 18 Views • 1 month ago

⁣There's Mainstream ("Lame-stream" or "Lapdog") Media, Alternative Mainstream Media, Alternative Media, and then there are people like me, who make an occasional video when I feel I have something worthwhile to say. Please take a look at my most recent, short-ish (22 minute) presentation on Project Matilda. My goal is simply to to encourage viewers to get active, join the 'National Strike Australia', learn about Magna Carta 1215, learn about anarchy and occulted knowledge, and learn a new Word of the Day, "Sinecure". Revisiting the concepts of "Bludgers" & "Battlers" in the context of the World Hierarchy Pyramid.

Port Arthur "Massacre"
Port Arthur "Massacre" Codewarrior 28 Views • 1 month ago

Inverell Seminar, 2001, focused on the Port Arthur "Massacre", including actual witness statements.

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