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Just how fast can a 6spd Barra go?
Just how fast can a 6spd Barra go? ClubBarra 25 Views • 2 months ago

We catch up with Rob Harvey and the Monsta Torque team who made the trek over from Perth to Heathcote Park Raceway to test their own shop car with some fantastic results! Monsta Torque are well known for building strong 6spd ZF transmissions for the Aussie Ford Barra powered Falcon.

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Man matches paint colour by eye
Man matches paint colour by eye ClubBarra 12 Views • 3 months ago

⁣Man matches paint colour near perfectly only using his eyes

30RIP ClubBarra 19 Views • 3 months ago

Vl Calais with Barra Swap doing a shed skid

T51 Mod
T51 Mod ClubBarra 16 Views • 3 months ago

T51 Mod

Hitting the screamer
Hitting the screamer ClubBarra 38 Views • 3 months ago

on boost opening the gate hitting the screamer

Nothing in my hands
Nothing in my hands ClubBarra 30 Views • 3 months ago

⁣Nothing in my hands

KNGFGX ClubBarra 27 Views • 3 months ago

KNGFGX Idle and rev

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