DFP Real Talk Australia Tour
DFP Real Talk Australia Tour

DFP Real Talk Australia Tour

11 Feb 02:00 PM to 25 Feb 02:00 PM
Public Event
Hosted By Dan Fitts
An afternoon with The Street Preacher. Creator of the Daily Freedom Path, the pathway that has transformed hundreds of men's lives in the west. Spend three hours with Dan as well as past and present members of the DFP while he spends 3 hours completely overhauling your current mindset. Something that takes most men years to do. Something that took Dan a good part of a decade. Bring yourself. An open mind. And be ready to leave the old you and your old life at the door. And make the rest of your life the best of your life. This is no quick fix. Feel good fun and games seminar. It is raw, real and confronting. Your life is your life and if you have kids, a business, a relationship. Something. That is worth saving, fixing or maybe even something that needs to be removed from your life. This three hours is the place to do it. There will be laughter, tears and most importantly change and growth. Maybe even meet and make some life long friends. Come along to the seminar for the afternoon or choose the VIP experience and spend some one on one time with Dan and share a meal with the other men going through the same experience as you. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Specific dates, locations and times TBA.

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