4 Day Comprehensive Survival Skills course
4 Day Comprehensive Survival Skills course

4 Day Comprehensive Survival Skills course

30 Sep 08:45 AM to 3 Oct 04:30 PM
Public Event
Hosted By Kevin Newton
Australian Survival Instructors provide the most in-depth comprehensive, hands on Survival Courses available in Australia. Held on the Central Coast NSW. You will learn a myriad of outdoor skills, enabling you to survive the outdoors longer. Protection & Shelter: Emergency Shelter Construction, Types of Shelters, Keeping Warm and Dry, Shelter Location, Improvised Shelter Materials Survival First Aid: Priorities For Life, Treating Common Survival Illnesses & Conditions, Bush Remedies & Improvised Treatment, Hypothermia “The Silent Killer”, Survival First Aid Equipment Location & Signalling: Improvised Signalling Methods & Equipment, Signalling Aircraft, International Signal Code, Signal fires, Using Marker Panels, Flares and Mirrors Water Procurement: Solar Stills, Transpiration Method, Dew Collection, Wells, Natural Water Sources, Emergency Water Sterilising, Water From Plant Sources, Improvised Water Storage & Carrying Methods. Semi Arid Desert Water Procurement Food Procurement: Bush foods, Survival Hunting & Trapping methods, Use of Snares & Traps, Survival Fishing, Emergency Food Preparation and Improvised Cooking Methods, Game preparation and 3D Primitive Archery Emergency Fire-lighting: Improvised Fire-lighting Methods, Use of Flint & Steel, Magnesium Fire-starter, Primitive fire by friction Celestial Day and Night Navigation and Modern Navigation including map reading, Orienteering, Pace Counting, etc Weapons making - Flint Knapping, Resin collection, Spear making, Primitive pottery ........and much more See less

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